Swoon to death (c)
“Ok question three is from Deborah. The second part of this question was asked by several people says Gabby, The one and only Gabby who is instrumental in LukeGossOfficial.com. The Question is, so many creative people are still inspired by Prince Nuada, posting art, fan and fiction. Why do you think that character, who is a movie villain not a hero after all, has such an effect on fans everywhere, years after Hellboy II was released and would you play him again?”

“I think Prince Nuada is a stand up guy in a really weird way. I think in his own way he’s a hero… to his people. As much as he’s sick and tired of the ramifications of the human element within his people, like the destruction, building shopping malls, chopping down trees. It hurts him deeply and I guess on the food chain he’s considerably more capable than the human beings. And he’s playing almost like yes sir no sir to these guys. So he stands up to his people and what he believes in and I think people relate to that. And I think he’s very sincere, I think he’s authentic and I think people relate to that also.”

“Would I play him again? Let me think… Yes. Without a doubt I would love to play Prince Nuada, like a prequel or something. Maybe the lost years of Prince Nuada or something like that would be fantastic. So without a doubt I would love to play him again.”

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Tired but never weak. | Thou shalt not start shit.Thou shalt finish the shit that does start.
Люк, я была бы рада на очередной с тобою фильм про Нуаду.
Ну почему...:mad:

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Андрэ Роувелл
We are from the stars
Эх, вот бы Гильермо решился ((

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Swoon to death (c)
2013-02-25 в 19:59 

Swoon to death (c)
Андрэ Роувелл, здорово бы было, такой ГГ пропадает.


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